In Remembrance……

In remembrance…….. lest we forget

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Happy Diwali!

A very happy Diwali to all my friends!

SUM Art Wishes all of you lots of happiness, peace and good health!

Light the lamp of knowledge to remove the darkness of ignorance.

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Inktober 2018 is done!

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This is the first time I participated in the Inktober challenge and I should say, it was a real challenge finding the time to get a sketch done each day! For those of you who are not aware of this challenge, it is a full month of sketching with a goal to sketch everyday. Find out more about it at Inktober

Inktober definitely helped me tweak my inking skills and gave me an opportunity to do what I love!

I was pleasantly surprised to be one of the featured artists for my work during inktober. Thank you to Krista Stevens and CPD Custom Design for featuring and sharing my work “Precious”. You can read about my work at Totally drawn to Inktober

You can also follow my Inktober journey at suma_sketches on Instagram.

Here is my Inktober 2018 journey

Sketching @ Banker’s hall

Saturday’s YYC-Usk session at Banker’s hall building.

Unable to find any fellow sketchers and not wanting to renege on my plans to sketch, I settled down next to a cozy window that overlooked 8th Ave, to sketch the unique galleria tree sculptures. Due to lack of time, my sketch does not capture adequately, these beautiful sculptures. (I intend to do more detailed sketches of these iconic sculptures of Calgary, at some point in the future)

Later as I munched on my lunch, I completed another sketch at the food court, before I was done for the day.

Here are few of my sketches.