About Suma

Suma Karveti

Hello! I am Suma Karveti. Welcome to my blog SUM Art, where I share my sketches and art work.

I am an enthusiastic art lover. I absolutely love to spend every minute of my spare time capturing my thoughts and the world around me through quick sketches and doodles. My sketchbook has been a faithful companion through life’s happy and sad moments.  I enjoy sketching architecture and busy urbanscapes more than anything else. Off late I have traded my camera for a sketchbook as my travel companion and continue to capture new memories onto every leaf of my sketchbook.

I am an Architect and Urban designer. My background in architecture and urban design helps me understand the dynamics between urban environments and their citizens. I am fortunate to be in a profession that lets me build on my passion for drawing and sketching.

I would love your feedback and comments on my work. If you are interested in my work and would like to buy or commission new work you can contact me at karveti.suma@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!

Now that’s …………..Sumart logo !!


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