Big Red Love sign

I happened to be around 55th street and 6th Avenue a couple of weeks ago to run a few errands. After getting done with my work I had some time to sketch. The New York city center was right around the block. The orange brick dome of the NYC center creates such a contrast against the surrounding skyscrapers. I quickly finished a sketch of the NYC center.

After I was done with drawing the NYC center, I spotted a lot of commotion around the corner. It was the big Red Love sign that was attracting a lot of tourist and visitors. As I sketched this scene, it was really amusing to see people use the spaces within the Love sign to pose and take interesting pictures of themselves being in love 🙂

NY City centerRed Love Sign - Manhattan


US Open 2013

I was at Arthur Ashe stadium to see the 2013 US open tennis tournament.  As I sat there watching the men’s quarter finals between  David Ferrer and Richard Gasquet, I did this quick sketch. I did want to do a few more of these quick sketches, but as the pace and excitement of the match picked up, I just had to close my book and watch the match!
I stayed on to watch the evening session between Nadal and Robredo. I did not attempt any sketches during this match as I did not want to miss a single stroke from Nadal! As expected, Nadal won the match quiet comfortably. I would have preferred to see a well fought competitive match. But when champions play sometime the match is one-sided that you lose your enthusiasm to watch the match.
The atmosphere in the stadium was electric! All in all it was a great day, were I got to watch two of my favorite players Nadal and Serena Williams!

Medium used: Fountain pen and black waterproof ink in a 5 x 8 inch Stillman & Birn sketch book.

Arthur Ashe Stadium