Eat & Draw – Series 1

I found this lovely place near work. They serve great nutritious and fresh food! I am glad i found this place. Here are some sketches I made as I had lunch at Fresh & Co. The first sketch is from the mezzanine level looking down at the service and checkout counter. Also a few other sketches from my lunch hour.

Lunch at Fresh & Co-1 Lunch at Fresh & Co-2Lexington Ave 


Daily Commuter – Series 3

 Waiting for the train - Penn Station

Lady with a red jacket.Lady with the red jacket

On the tracks waiting for the train.Waiting for the train - Secaucus

Curious boy looking for his dad in the front seat.

Peeping tom

Bored on the slow train.

Commuters _1

Catching up on the news.

Reading on the train _3 Reading on the train _2 Reading on the train

Reading from the Kindle

Man and his bag.

Mand and his bag

Lunch to go.

Sandwich to go Lunch at Sarvana