Daily Commuter: On the Bus – Series 7

From the polar freeze to gloomy foggy days and slow-moving traffic! The past few weeks have been tough on daily commuters. Here are a few sketches from the past few weeks. More long lines and crowded bus ports.

PABT-1PABT-4PABT-5  PABT-3 PABT-6PABT-2 NJ Transit bus 


Diverging lines

It’s amazing how many people can fit in this small space at Port authority bus terminal. With no space to sit, all you can see during the evening rush hour are winding lines of tired passengers waiting to reach their destination.

Here is a quick sketch I did today as I waited in line.

Diverging lines

Eat & Draw – Series 1

I found this lovely place near work. They serve great nutritious and fresh food! I am glad i found this place. Here are some sketches I made as I had lunch at Fresh & Co. The first sketch is from the mezzanine level looking down at the service and checkout counter. Also a few other sketches from my lunch hour.

Lunch at Fresh & Co-1 Lunch at Fresh & Co-2Lexington Ave